Are you the tech co-founder I’m looking for?

With the onset of a largely adopted remote work culture came numerous problems that were previously overlooked. I’ve discovered one significant and critical one and I’m building a solution for this after talking to about 60 prospective customers. Some bit of user discovery and content marketing brought a substantial number of people on the early access waitlist. I’ve reached the stage where I’m looking for a co-founder to join me in building this dream.

Why I am telling my story now.

Starting-up has been a dream for a few years now and a few months ago I set out to build Spiti. You can read the manifesto here.

Remote work seems to be the business revolution we all needed, but it’s not something we can switch to and hope for the best. A large number of companies are investing in processes and tools that make remote work more productive and less tiresome, and rightly so.

There are several challenges to overcome before fully embracing this shift. Various surveys have shown that among a myriad of challenges unplugging from work, staying on top of important work, staying motivated, remote collaboration, tracking tasks and productivity, sticking to deadlines, finding relevant information without having the benefit of a team present around you, etc. are the most common ones. Individuals and teams have tried to address these challenges in their own ways using various tools they are familiar with, but tools that are not designed and built to solve these challenges as a whole. It is evident that this is a widespread problem and takes a pretty big toll on a company’s burn and a team’s productivity. Spiti is designed to solve these problems specifically and it will have a huge impact on people’s lives.

A few months from now, I want to see a living, breathing product out in the market. A product that enables me to collect user feedback at scale, iterate, and get me a step closer towards shaping it into THE SaaS product that solves remote work and collaboration problems for the masses.

I set out to build the first version of Spiti on my own. Little did I realize that my work as a solo founder is not just limited to building the product but it’s mostly 50 other jobs. In the process of juggling too many roles, the development slowed down and each day I have one new, additional task to get done. How naive was I to assume that the time and work until the launch of the first product would be a breeze?

Decisions, decisions.

I turned to my investor and advisor. We then decided to either look for a co-founder who shares my passion and zeal towards starting up or hire an agency.

Hiring an agency would mean I will not have to look for the next few team members anytime soon. That would be a huge relief. I will also be free of all the processes that come with hiring an internal team and can focus completely on launching Spiti. But, I’d also be required to touch base with them daily, communicating my ideas, requesting changes, and ensuring they are on track.

Having a technical co-founder will mean that I no longer hold 100% of the company. However, it will also mean I have somebody on the inside who is setting the technology direction for Spiti. This will help me focus on marketing, customer acquisition, defining the product roadmap, ideating, designing, iterating, customer and investor calls, and further growing my network. Additionally, I will have someone who will keep me accountable, share my woes, and celebrate milestones.

I want to get Spiti off the ground quickly, but deliberately. I also want to build a scalable product. Hence, I chose the latter option after careful consideration.

I’m looking for a tech co-founder who believes in this idea the way I do. This was not an easy decision to make, but I’m certain it’s the right one.

Why should you work with me?

Like most people who startup, I did too for the same reasons — build an impactful product that will have a positive impact on millions and change user behavior for the better, make people’s work-life a happier and content one, and most importantly, strive for financial freedom and dictate the terms of my life. In the past few months, I’ve already experienced a taste of the above and when you work with me, you will too. Most importantly, you will get substantial equity and access to my network of founders and investors.

A technical founder is one of the key roles in any company. They are not just a skilled programmer who builds the technical side of the business, but one who is deeply invested in the company and willing to brave the storm.

Who am I looking for?

An entrepreneurial-minded person who will be responsible for building the product ground-up, setting the technical direction for Spiti, calls shots on technical hires, is mindful of the ownership and accountability of the product. I would prefer someone with substantial experience building a SaaS product(s) — it can be as your university project or as a part of your work or your own product! Having good people management and team handling skills are equally important too. Lastly, I’m looking for someone who understands me, is a self-starter, puts the company and team above one-self, is respectful of anyone and everyone on the team, and is fully aware of the risks and benefits of being an entrepreneur.

Recognize yourself as my co-founder? I bet you do! Feel free to write to me on if you think this is something that you are looking for. I’d love to get to know you better.



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